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Ménage à Trio is a string improv trio featuring Betsy Tinney on cello, Sunnie Larsen on viola, and either Alexander James Adams or Geli Wuerzner on violin/fiddle. (Also, sometimes we also include Marcos Duran or Vixy Dockrey on drum.) Together they create musical magic right in front of your eyes! No pre-arranged or memorized melodies, keys, or tempos; instead, they improvise music inspired by prompts from their audience (for example, "Insomnia," "Whisky and Chocolate," or "Kittens on a Spaceship"). An ongoing, always once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be not be missed; come and be part of creation!

Ménage IN-PERSON Concert! - May 4, 2024 at 2 PM PDT

CAFE event bannerMénage has an ACTUAL IN-PERSON CONCERT on Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 2 PM Pacific time! Come hear the live music you’ve been missing!!

We have a set at a "COVID-cautious" afternoon concert presented by Clean Air For Everyone (CAFÉ). It'll be at Sunset Hill Community Center, 3003 NW 66th St, Seattle, WA 98117.  This will be a fully masked show -- both performers & audience. Far-UVC will be provided by Clean Air Events; upgraded HVAC & air filters by Seattle Clean Air.

Bring your N95/KN94 and a pocket snack to eat outdoors during intermission. $15 suggested donation to help cover the facility rental.

For this concert, Ménage will consist of Betsy, Sunnie, and Geli Wuerzner. (Alec will likely be on his way to the Midwest by then.) As always, we'll be improvising brand-new music inspired by audience prompts.




Menage a Trio under the trees

Menagerie Live at Conflikt album front coverMenagerie back coverMénage's LIVE ALBUM iS OUT NOW!

Ménage has just released a full-length live album: Ménagerie: Ménage à Trio Live at Conflikt 2019. As you might guess, it's a live recording of Ménage's concert at Conflikt 2019. For that concert, we were joined onstage by Amy McNally (fiddle) and Dr Mary Crowell (clarinet) -- so for this concert, we are Ménagerie.

This is not simply a "raw" recording of a live concert; Betsy and Alec have spent quite a bit of time tidying it up, mitigating issues like audience coughs and inter-instrument volume/balance as best we could. We didn't "clean up" any of the raw energy, enthusiasm, or joy that was part of this recording, though! You'll be able to hear our (enthusiastic and chaotic) audience calling out prompts before each song; you'll hear us creating new music in the moment in response to those (often interesting) prompts; and you'll probably also be able to tell what a giant bunch of dorks we all are. We have so much fun making music together!

Ménagerie is now available on our Bandcamp page, both as a download and as a physical CD! For the track listing, click the back-cover image at right.)

Ménage HAS A NEW EP!

Ménage has a new album! It's called Iménagening, and it's just a wee EP (because pandemic) of four songs... but such sweet songs!

All of the pieces on Iménagening were improvised on the spot (the way we always play together -- with no advance planning and no retakes). One was improvised "in studio", about two years ago. But, the other three songs were recorded on Betsy's shady front lawn on a lovely day last summer. We were socially-distanced at the time, so were pretty surprised at how well the recordings came out. Of course, there were birds and airplanes and a bit of wind noise, because the recording was made live and outdoors. (And, we were very happy to be together, alive and outdoors, at the time!)

Iménagening is now available on our Bandcamp page (both as a download and as a physical CD)!


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